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JDP will now be MDDP

Although I seriously doubt this blog's effect on McHenry County DUI statistics or even Illinois DUI law. awhile ago I wrote that Illinois should change the way they allow drivers to drive during their suspensions. Unbelievably, the "rocket scientists" in our legislature decided to change the law.  Perhaps they read my blog.   It appears that beginning 2009 drivers will receive a MDDP (a new kind of driving permit) automatically.  An idea to which I can only reply, Duh! (or its about time)

However, as always with our pre-paid legislature (a lot like a pre-paid phone card, but it screws up more), there is an interesting twist.  ALL DRIVERS WILL HAVE TO HAVE A BREATHALYZER INSTALLED IN THEIR CARS IN ORDER TO DRIVE DURING THEIR SUSPENSIONS.

Why is this interesting?  Well, in the last session of the legislature they passed a law that all houses must have a Carbon Monoxide Detector (making the detector makers giddy).  One question, how much did the breathalyzer makers pay to get this law passed?

Ray Flavin

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