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Revocation vs. Suspension

Another confusing topic, well no more .... read on.

A lot of drivers don't know the difference between revocation and suspension.  When you think of revocation, I want you to think of Pete Rose.  Pete Rose is revoked from baseball, in order to get back in he will need to beg.  If he doesn't beg he won't get back in.

A revocation of a drivers license occurs when a drivers receives a conviction for DUI.  The first conviction will revoke a drivers license.

When you think of suspension, I want you to think of Daryl Strawberry.  Daryl Strawberry is suspended from baseball, he just has to wait until the suspension is over and he can get back in.  He doesn't need to do anything just wait.

A suspension of a drivers license occurs when a driver refuses or fails a blood alcohol test (breathalyzer, blood, or urine).  The suspension lasts for a certain period of time (it starts on a certain date and ends on a certain date), after that if the driver has paid his reinstatement fee, his license will automatically be reinstated.  Generally, first offenders (DUI) are suspended not revoked.

There is one exception.  An Illinois driver who receives a Wisconsin DUI.  Although most all Illinois first DUIs receive supervision, Wisconsin has no supervision.  So Illinois will count the Wisconsin DUI as a conviction...... AND REVOKE the drivers license.  It just doesn't seem fair.



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