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Can trust be a part of DUI defense?

You get a DUI.  You hire a lawyer.  He tells you one thing when you meet.  He changes it the next time.   You don't trust the lawyer.

Is trust a part of DUI defense?

Probably.  If your case is particularly routine and the lawyer is affordable, perhaps you don't need that much trust.  However, if you have a difficult case and it is going to be a challenge and tough decisions are going to be made, well ... then trust is going to be important.

I had a former client, who received a second DUI in Cook Co.  I don't work in Cook Co., so he hired another attorney.  At some point the Cook Co. attorney waffled, and my former client wanted a referral to a Cook Co. attorney. 

Now this is a difficult issue for me for a number of reasons.  First, I don't practice in Cook Co. so I don't know who does the work and who doesn't.  Second, I don't want to refer when I don't have that information.  So, I did a little internet research  ... 

First, I want to say how hilarious some of the sites are.  For example, "I have been rated in the top 4 DUI attorneys by a big newpaper."  In the 15 years that I have been doing this it is obvious to me that the newspapers know about as much about something as you can gain from a telephone call to some one you think knows a subject, made by someone who has a preconceived idea about what the answer should be.  Let's just say they get it wrong a fair number of times.  So an endorsement by a newspaper, really isn't the gold standard.

Really, it is difficult to pick a good attorney.  That's really the truth.  Some of them have drinking problems, some of them have money problems, and others just don't do the work well.  There are others who really push the envelope.  It all comes down to how important the case is to you.

Ray Flavin



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