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How long should a case take??

McHenry County DUI's or DUI's written by local municipalities can vary in how much time it takes to resolve a case.  In a local blog a local politician argued that it took too long if the case took 12 court dates.  Of course, he has no clue.  It seems that every politician on the planet likes to talk about DUI as if they have any clue how the process works. 

The reason that these "politicians" like to do this is because no one ever calls them on it.  The reality is that DUI cases are complex and there are no easy answers to the question of what to do about the "DUI Problem."

Some DUI cases I complete before the first court date (I actually schedule the case earlier so we can get them done quicker).  I have had other cases run for years.  Each case is different.  I know that's not what the politicians want to hear but ... it's the truth.

Ray Flavin

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